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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 1, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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visit. his mission is to sign a deal on the u.s./afghan relationship after the american troop withdrawal. all of this comes on a significant day. it is the first anniversary of the raid in which osama bin laden was killed. the president now will address the nation tonight. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gensler. for security reasons, the president's trip was not announced in advance. president obama left washington around midnight and arrived in afghanistan a few hours ago. after being greeted by u.s. ambassador ryan crocker, the delegation boarded a helicopter and flew to the presidential palace in kabul. there president obama and afghan president karzai signed an agreement that outlines a future partnership. steve handelsman is at the white house with the latest on the president's trip to afghanistan. >> reporter: thanks and good evening from the white house where aides say in his address to the american people tonight, from afghanistan, that president obama will definitely bring up the takedown a year ago of osama
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bin laden. the president's main stated reason for his secret trip to afghanistan was the signing of a new ten-career deal between the u.s. and afghanistan. it was the request of afghan president hamid karzai that that be signed there in afghanistan. but the timing is all barack obama's. this is happening over there in the wee hours of the morning, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. so in an hour and a half or so when he addresses the american people from there, it'll be at 7:30 eastern time. president obama flew to afghanistan overnight in secret to enhance security. to be with u.s. forces in this still war torn nation. once the base of osama bin laden on this first anniversary of the raid that killed the terror mastermind. signing a new ten-year agreement with afghan president karzai, mr. obama noted it lets the u.s. continue the war against bin laden's organization. >> the united states can achieve our goal of destroying al qaeda
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and denying it a safe haven, but at the same time, we have the capacity to wind down this war and usher in a new err ra of peace here in afghanistan. >> reporter: to some, this is a pat on the back to troops still in harm's way. to others, it's the president patting himself on the back. making the bin laden raid part of his re-election effort. and republicans object. >> the president undertaking this victory lap and using this somehow to say that he's better than romney is really mistaken. >> reporter: mitt romney was in new york taking pizza to 9/11 first responders. firefighters with former new york mayor rudy giuliani. giving credit today to barack obama. to everyone involved in the bin laden raid. >> from the president who authorized that attack to the intelligence community that worked on it for so many years. >> reporter: half a world away,
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just by being where bin laden ordered the 9/11 attacks, president obama drove home to america that he's the one who ordered the counterattack. t the world is celebrating today. most election analysts figure osama bin laden and his killing won't be much of a factor in the november elections. republicans hope it's true. live at the white house, i'm steve handelsman report ing. now back to you. >> steve, they never announce in advance. it's always secret when the president or vice president, defense secretary travel into a war zone. but they don't always leave in the middle of the night like this, do they? >> reporter: no. the timing is a little odd. you know, they've got to keep it secret, doreen. look what happened in afghanistan after ten years of war against the taliban just a few weeks ago. coordinated attacks in kabul, in kandahar, across the nation. now we know from recent reporting about what was found by u.s. intelligence in the former residence across the border there in pakistan of
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osama bin laden that he had left orders that everybody affiliated with al qaeda, which includes the taliban, which includes plenty of people there in afghanistan, that one thing they ought to try to do is kill the u.s. president. so you've got to know it's just the smart, right thing to do to keep it completely secret. they've got a mechanism as you've probably reported before, doreen. there's a little packet, kind of, of u.s. journalists, camera people told if you want to be in that group, and it rotates, when we say it's a go you can't tell anybody. so far as we know there's never been a leak. they went with the president. when the white house said you can report it, then it was confirmed. >> steve handelsman at the white house, thank you, steve. occupy protesters are out in full force today. demonstrators taking to the streets to mark may day. here in d.c. may met up with union groups for a rally at meridian hill park this afternoon. they're calling for a day without the 99%. they want people to skip school
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and work and not take part in any sort of business to boycott all commerce. one protester spray painted the words "foreclosed" on a bank of america branch downtown. the may day group plans to march to the white house this evening. may day marchers were not so tame in other cities. in chicago they blocked a bank. in oakland, california, protesters pounded on bank windows. police used tear gas and tasers to subdue the crowds. dozens of arrests were reported. up in new york city protesters confronted police in riot gear in front of the bank of america in manhattan. letters containing a white powder were sent to banks in new york. they included a note which said happy may day. this is a reminder that you are not in control. what began as a night of celebration in the district ended in murder. the victim, 33-year-old dwayne brosbon. he was a medical technician out celebrating a recent promotion last night. witnesses say he had just gotten into an argument in northwest. pat collins joins us from the
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scene with the latest. pat? >> reporter: doreen, two strangers. a man in a car. a man on the street. words exchanged. the man in the car gets out. he ends up dead. dwayne edward brisbon. he was a medical man. a skilled cat scan technician with a promising career. that all came to a violent end this morning on florida avenue northwest. now for the last 12 years, dwayne brisbon worked as a ct tech at the washington hospital center. recently he was promoted to a senior position. sources tell the story this way. last night dwayne brisbon, they say, was out celebrating that promotion with some friends at a place called marvin's on 4th street. they say around 2:00, closing time, he leaves to go home. he's driving down florida avenue when he gets into an argument with a man on the street. they say brisbon stops, getting
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out of his car. when he does, he gets stabbed. they say he gets back in his car. he tries to drive to a hospital. but that was not to be. brisbon's car crashed into a light pole here on florida avenue. when rescue workers got to the scene, at first they thought it was a car accident. when they looked again, they realized it was a case of murder. dwayne brisbon was just 33 years old. >> do you have any idea what started that argument? >> no, we don't. >> reporter: the statement tonight from the med star hospital center, we are deeply saddened upon learning of the death of dwayne brisbon. he was a respected radiology technologist, a valued colleague and treasured friend. now, the fatal stabbing here on florida avenue, the fifth murder in our city in four days. police say there's no evidence they're linked in any way. live from northwest, pat collins, "news 4."
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>> thanks, pat. nearly 100 people are out of their homes this evening following a fast moving fire that ripped through an apartment building in silver spring. it happened just after 2:00 in the morning in the 2300 block of terrace drive. firefighters say it began in a third floor apartment, then spread after it got into a common attic area. at least 20 apartments were damaged. >> it's really bad. i feel very sad. i don't know where to start. we have to start all over again, i guess. >> none of the rez depts was injured. one firefighter suffered a serious heat related injury. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. today jury selection begins in the first trial related to a series of stabbings that left five black men dead across the country. the tft will stand trial for the murder of 49-year-old arnold miner from flint, michigan. police say officers discovered miner's blood in the man's suv.
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blood was also discovered inside luggage as he tried to leave the country in august of 2010. he is also charged with attempted murder in toledo, ohio. he's also accused of targeting black men in the leesburg, virginia, area. maryland attorney general is appealing a court ruling that strikes down part of that state's dna collection law. the rules prohibits police from taking dna samples from people who are charged, but not convicted of a crime. today attorney general doug gensler filed a motion to stay the court's decision. his spokesman says he will file an appeal to the u.s. supreme court if the maryland court of appeals does not reconsider. the d.c. council today backed off a move that would strip mayor vincent gray of his right to appoint all three members of an ethics commission. he's more than two months late in making the appointments while ethics issues plague the city government. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: the d.c. counsel sill was locked in fights over
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several issues tuesday. mental health funds. welfare benefits. taxes on investment bonds. restoring pay for furloughed workers along other budget issues but couldn't come to agreement on any of it. >> we have to be realisting. if we're going to do it we have to fund it. it has to come at the expense of something else. >> reporter: the council also put off tough action to get a new ethics panel in place. a setback for muriel bouser who wanted to pressure mayor vincent gray to make the appointments that are two months overdue. >> i think it's very important if you're going to vote for a law to create the board that you have to stand by it and make sure it happens. put it on the record that we're already beyond the aggressive timeline that we all agreed to, including the mayor. >> the emergency proposal would have given one of the mayor's three appointments to council chairman kwame brown. brown said he wanted the mayor to have 30 more days to fill the
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crucial panel. at the ti harry thomas jr. stole $350,000 in city grant funds for his own use. a statement from the mayor's office tuesday said the mayor is fully committed and will soon send nominations to the council. our primary concern is getting the most qualified candidates. it should be about quality, not speed. >> i'm just going to leave this for the mayor. i think that's the way legislation was originally constructed. for the mayor to appoint the ethics panel. >> reporter: the ethics panel is just one of many boards and commissions that have major vacancies awaiting action by mayor gray. in the district, tom sherwood, "news 4." a top homeland security official accused in a government fraud scheme pleaded guilty today. james woozily was the acting director of immigration and customs enforcement. he admits he took $180,000 in government money by forging travel vouchers and taking kickbacks. some of the money he used on a boat and real estate purchases. woozily is the highest ranking
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official charged in this scheme. four others also pleaded guilty to defrauding i.c.e. out of $600,000. lawyers for former presidential candidate john edwards are questioning the motive behind the testimony of a witness in his criminal trial. cheri young is testifying for a third day in the trial in greensboro, north carolina. today edwards' attorneys asked her whether she or her husband has a financial incentive to lie about edwards. she admitted the couple made money from selling the story but said that's not why they came forward. edwards is accused of using campaign funds to hide his mistress and their child. things warming up around here. but more rain might be -- not be out of the question just yet any how, doug. >> not just yet. i think we're moving into a much warmer and a little bit of a wetter pattern, too. 83 degrees right now. take a look at wha heading our way. rain and big time thunderstorms back toward the west right now. we're going to watch as this whole system tries to move our
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way. already big time thunderstorms in through southern portions of virginia. we're going to watch these very closely. could be a rather thunderstorm activity day tomorrow. we'll talk more about that plus what's in for the rest of the week, too. the pattern definitely changing. also coming up tonight, someone with ties to our area crashed the 747 on purpose. a plot to blow up a bridge near cleveland was busted, but it had nothing to do with the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. there's a bomb shell in the british phone hacking probe. it could put rupert murdoch in jail. and pet owners won't want to beware. the kind of dog you have might [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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family and friends paid tribute to the late "60 minutes" host mike wallace in new york today. among those in the crowd his son, fox news anchor chris wallace. former colleagues and gop presidential candidate mitt republican. chris wallace referred to his father as the best journalist he ever knew. mike wallace's fearless interviewing style made him the fixture and face of kw9 60 minutes" for four decades. he died earlier this month. he was 93. federal agents in ohio say they broke up a bombing plot that could have injured or killed dozens of people. five suspects are in custody.
6:17 pm
as chris clackum reports, their target was a high four-lane bridge. >> reporter: the fbi says the plot by five self-confessed anarchists to blow up this bridge near cleveland actually started in october when agents say they learned the five wanted to blow up something. >> the co-conspirators considered and researched possible targets and ultimately settled on the plot to damage the breksville-north field high level bridge. >> reporter: so the fbi set up a sting operation and went undercover. selling the suspects two fake improvised explosive devices. ieds that were planted just last night beneath the four-lane bridge in brecksville just south of cleveland. >> last night the co-conspirators placed the two ieds at the base of a concrete support pillar for this brecksville-northfield high level bridge. >> the defendants never possessed at any time any real explosive material, and their
6:18 pm
arrest warrants were signed before they got in the car to head to the bridge. >> reporter: they weren't arrested, though, until after they actually tried to detonate what they thought were real bombs. >> the defendants left and went to a remote site and they then sitting there entered the codes that they thought would blow up a bridge with innocent people traveling over it. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney says the five are charged not for what they believe, but for what they tried to do. chris clackum, "news 4." a chinese dissident is at the center of an extremely delicate diplomatic matter that involves china and the u.s. the dissident is a lawyer named chen quangcheng. he is blind. friends helped him escape house arrest last week. he's believed to have taken shelter at the u.s. embassy in beijing. his friends say goeshss for his freedom are under way but talks are so delicate chinese and
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american officials are refusing comment. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will be in china tomorrow. lawmakers in britain issued a scathing report today on media mogul rupert murdoch. the house of commons committee report blamed murdoch for creating a corporate culture that resulted in illegal hacking at two of his newspapers. it also accused murdoch and his son of choosing not to see the full extent of the hacking. they said rupert murdoch is not fit to lead a major international company. >> in the view of the majority of committee members, rupert murdoch is not fit to run an international company like bskyb. >> beskyb is a paid tv service. rupert murdoch owns almost 40% of it. murdoch's media holdings include the fox news network.
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that committee in britain -- the finding of that committee does not have an effect on murdoch's position at his company. however, broadcast regulators in the uk could take it into account in any decisions made in the future. here's doug with a look at our weather forecast. it was raining pretty hard when i first woke up this morning. but then it kind of cleared up. >> sun came out. temperatures warmed up. the humidity levels rose a little bit out there. a lot of people enjoying the warm weather. some of you out there on my facebook and twitter pages saying, hey, a little too humid a little too early. >> so picky. >> can't make everybody happy. there it is. sunshine out there. also cloud cover. it has been a little bit on the humid side. the dewpoint made its way to 60 degrees. that was actually the low temperature out there this morn ing. the temperature this afternoon got up to 84 degrees. that is 17 degrees higher than we were during the day yesterday. much warmer air moving on in here. we do need to see the rain. we saw just over a tenth of an inch at the airport during the
6:21 pm
day today. we are still nearly 4 1/2 inches below average for the year. we do need to see some rain. it does look like we're at least going to have some chances of that over the next couple of days. out there right now, 79 degrees. there's that dewpoint. any time you're over 60 it is going to feel a little more humid. that's exactly what we have now. winds out of the south at six mis per hour. temperatures around the region, 83 in martinsburg. 81 in frederick. 85 in fredericksburg. pax river 83. they were at 87 earlier. along the check piesapeake. storm 4 radar, nothing as far as rain is concerned. you only have to go down to the south by about 100 miles just to the south of richmond. that's where some big time thunderstorms are crossing over the border in towards north carolina. a lot of lightning associated with these storms. even some hail and some wind. widen out a little bit and this is what's trying to come our way. a little bit of a boundary. a frontal boundary. these fronts with these systems,
6:22 pm
it's almost like a summerlike pattern. you have a frontal boudry. to the north during the day. south at night. back and forth and oscillates. that's exactly what we'll see here. out to the west, big time storms. one tornadic thunderstorm right here in illinois crossing in towards indiana. another tornado warning right now into portions of ohio. for us i don't expect the severe weather. but watch this frontal boundary. it'll move to the north right around our region. that will allow for showers and some thunderstorms to develop during the day tomorrow. i do expect to see some across our area. where will they be? way too early to tell. i would make sure you take your umbrella across the region with you if you are heading out and about. we are going to see at least a chance for some thunderstorms. still seeing the very warm temperatures. same deal goes for thursday. less of a chance of those showers but still a couple of storms there as temperatures will once again climb to near 80. this evening partly cloudy, warm and humid. sunset at 8:02. temperature 70 to 76 degrees. a lot of people thinking about
6:23 pm
heading out to the nats game tonight. should be a great night. winds rather light. not going to help either time as far as hitting the ball out of the park. mostly cloudy. warm start tomorrow morning. humid with showers. expect to see at least a few out there. not everybody will see them in the morning. once again, make sure you take your um brum la with you. nice warm start with temperatures around 62 in the district. tomorrow afternoon mostly cloudy and mild. we will see some sunshine. a 50% chance of showers and maybe some thunderstorms. some of those storms could be strong. highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s. just like it was out there during the day today. high of 78 on your thursday. 87 on friday. friday a little bit more sunshine. we've got at least a chance of a shower or storm just about every single day in the next seven days. the exception right now is sunday. that's just because i at no time want to put it in seven days in a row. so i left that one out. that might change tomorrow. 76 on sunday. 70 on monday. 72 on tuesday. >> just got sick of looking at it. >> i didn't want to put it in
6:24 pm
there seven days. >> arbitrary meteorological decision. >> i looked it up. page 76. you can do that. >> thank you, doug. coming up, the national zoo is on the baby panda watch along with the rest of us. find out what why the pressure is on for d.c.'s most famous couple. we'll tell you why local university professors are getting involved in the secret service sex scandal. coming up in sports, we're live at nationals park. where bryce harper is making his home debut tonight. rg3, the redskins new quarterback has one less weapon to throw to. on the ice, little time but delivering big. alex ovechkin and the c
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police if fairfax county are still trying to find whoever it was that stabbed three horses at a horse farm in reston last week. the horses are part of a theer putic riding program for autistic children and disabled adults. all three of the horses are continuing to recover tonight. parents of children in the program have promised at least $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. some people say pit bulls are dangerous. others say it is not the dogs,
6:28 pm
but the owners that can be the problem. the issue is no longer up for debate in maryland. >> a new ruling makes it easier for pit bull attack victims to take legal action against the dog owners. chris gordon reports. >> reporter: these are not pit bulls. the vicious dogs that attacked teens in the trinidad neighborhood last week were american bulldogs. when they were found days later, they were euthanized because they were considered dangerous. >> all dogs, if you don't train them, if you don't socialize them, if you don't show them love, tender loving care, can turn out to be a mean animal. it has a lot to do with the owner and how you raise the pet. >> reporter: a new ruling by the maryland court of appeals declares pit bulls adds a breed are inherently dangerous and the owner of a pit bull or cross bred pit bull that attacks is strictly liable for damages. so is the landlord who rents property to a pit bull owner. we asked some of the dog owners here at cabin john regional park what they think of the maryland court of appeals ruling. >> especially through the
6:29 pm
liability of the landlord. that's a bit harsh, i think. >> it seems to me it should be for any dog. not just pit bulls. owners have to control their dogs. >> reporter: the maryland spca arranges adoptions for dogs that need a home. it has three pit bulls currently. it's concerned about the high court's decision. they say behavior, not breed, should determine if a dog is dangerous. >> our concern is that we will see an increase in pit bull abandonment here at the shelter. in addition, fewer pit bulls will be adopted through our adoption program. the other concern that we have is that there are pit bulls that are in loving family homes now that will -- and those owners will be forced to give up their pets. >> reporter: pit bulls have been banned in prince georges county since 1997. now throughout the state of maryland, the law makes pit bull owners responsible for damages if their dog attacks and injures someone. chris gordon, "news 4." >> the court ruling says landlords can be held liable when an attack happens from their property and they didn't prohibit the pit bull from being
6:30 pm
on the leased premise. in about an hour from now, president obama will address the nation. he'll be speaking from afghanistan. he arrived there just a few hours ago to sign a deal that outlines the u.s. relationship with afghanistan in the ten years after u.s. troops withdrawal from there. the president's visit comes one year to the day that u.s. forces killed osama bin laden in a raid in pakistan. d.c. police are looking for a suspect in a stabbing death in northwest overnight. 33-year-old dwayne brisbon was found behind the wheel of his crashed vehicle. witnesses say he had just been involved in a street altercation. family members say he had been out celebrating a work promotion. andy pettitte who played with the yankees took the stand in a perjury trial of roger clemens today here in washington. pettitte says he grew up admiring clemens but he's expected to testify, pettitte, that is, that clemens told him he had used human growth hormone. clemens says pettitte
6:31 pm
misremembers the conversation. clemens is accused of lying to congress in 2008 when he denied using steroids or hgh during a deposition. the panda baby watch is officially under way again. the national zoo made another attempt this week to breed its giant pandas. an awful lot's riding on it. darcy spencer joins us from the zoo to tell us why. >> reporter: hi, doreen. talk about pressure. if the pandas don't reproduce this time around, there's a possibility they could be swapped out for other pandas in china. as you know, the pandas are a big draw here to the national zoo. some folks come here just to see them and walk away with lots of furry souvenirs. mei xiang, the national zoo's famous giant panda could be expecting. she was artificially inseminated sunday and monday. the panda pregnancy watch is on once again. >> that's a wonderful event, then. that is wonderful. we need more pandas up here at the zoo.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: scientists had to work quickly once they knew she was ready. >> the female has a really short opportunity to conceive. and it's between 24 and 72 hours. >> reporter: scientists used samples from mei xiang's partner, tian, tian, that were collected in 2005. that was the last time the couple were able to conceive producing this panda called a butterstick when he was born. he's since been relocated to china. >> it would certainly be exciting. 2005 is a long time ago. it would be nice to have a baby panda. >> reporter: the bandas are the stars of the national zoo. they have their own plaza. they have their own panda shop. and there are all sorts of cuddly panda souvenirs for all the people who come to see them. >> they're fun to look at. i guess the whole kung fu panda movie. that did it. makes the kids want to see the pandas even more. >> reporter: the zoo turned to social media to publicize the insemination procedure, sending out tweets on twitter and pictures.
6:33 pm
giving the world a unique look into a process most of us have never seen before. >> there have been more people coming over here to check everything out. probably more money for the zoo. >> reporter: this could be the last chance for the cuddly couple to conceive at the zoo. this is the final year of a fertility study. if the effort doesn't produce a cub, one or both of the pandas could be exchanged. many are hoping that won't happen. >> i think it would be a wonderful treat for us to come to the zoo and see a baby cub after seeing the mommies and daddies for a long time. >> reporter: this is getting to be a yearly cliff hanger. we won't know whether she's pregnant or not for another 90 to maybe 160 days. researchers and scientists here say chances are we won't know that she's pregnant or if she's pregnant until the very end. so they're watching her very closely. reporting live from the national zoo, darcy spencer, "news 4." >> thank you, darcy. construction will shut down the southbound side of the bw parkway near arundel mills for
6:34 pm
the next three to four weeks. it's all in preparation for next month's opening of maryland live. that'll be the state's largest casino. crews will replace the current traffic circle with what's called a diverging diamond interchange. it's the first of its kind in the state. developers say the new interchange will reduce congestion by maximizing traffic flow to and from the highway. whatever that means. somebody robbed a starbucks. the police in prince georges county have released a surveillance picture tonight. they're hoping someone will recognize the man in this picture. they say he had a gun when he robbed a starbucks off annapolis road in new carrollton, maryland, yesterday. nobody was injured. police are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to an arrest. 100 u.s. secret service agents are going back to the classroom to learn about ethics. tomorrow they begin a two-day seminar in laurel taught by professors from johns hopkins
6:35 pm
university. the workshop comes just weeks after the secret service sex scandal in colombia. jane watrel reports. >> last thing anybody wants is for me to come in and start wagging a finger at them saying thou shalt. >> reporter: the johns hopkins processor says he's not about to preach. he's charged with helping about 100 secret service agents create what he calls a moral tool box. all the result of a sex scandal in cartagena, colombia, last month when roughly 1 dozen members of president obama's advanced security detail hired prostitutes and allegedly took them to a hotel where they were staying. >> what were you thinking? what made you think at that point that this was okay? >> reporter: that question will be posed to secret service supervisors who have been ordered by the director to go through two days of ethics training. the professor has been working with the secret service and other law enforcement agencies for years. >> law enforcement is a profession, not just a job. so if, say, a hamburger maker had gone to cartagena and hired a prostitute, it just wouldn't be news. i think by its very nature the
6:36 pm
secret service draws a lot of expectation about their accountability and their integrity. and i think on the whole they live up to that. >> reporter: in the wake of the scandal, increased training is just one of several moves the secret service is making. there are new policies that ban agents from excessive drinking, visiting strip clubs and allowing foreigners into their rooms while on overseas assignments. the professor wouldn't reveal details of his ethics training but says he will focus on allowing the agents to come up with a plan. >> i'd like to see what they say. how do you think you should respond. and i'm sure -- i'm confident, let me put it that way, i'm confident they'll have good answers to that question. and in that, i think we'll find a teachable moment. >> reporter: the ethics workshop will take place in laurel. jane watrel, "news 4." coming up tonight, sudden death of a world championship swimmer. we'll tell you about that. >> find out why in the world someone would crash a 747 jumbo jet on purpose. how we looking, doug? >> looking out there right now
6:37 pm
at most of the eastern united states severe weather in through north carolina. tornado warning in through ohio. back right around minneapolis st. cloud, possible tornado on the ground right now. all of that weather shifting our way.
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there's mourning today about the sudden loss of a 26-year-old champion swimmer. alexander dale oen was from norway. he died last night of cardiac arrest at a training camp in arizona. a teammate found him on the floor of a shower room. dale oen became a symbol of hope for his country last year. he did kated his world championship gold medal to the victims of that three-day bombing and shooting spree in which 77 people were killed in norway. dale oen had been preparing for the summer olympic games in london. some medical experts are
6:40 pm
upset because mcdonald's is a major sponsor for the summer's olympic games. mcdonald's will be the only restaurant allowed to sell brand name food at the olympic park in london. big maces, fries, milk shakes all on the menu. a british doctors fwrup says that sends the wrong message. in a country with a growing obesity rate during an event that celebrates athletics. olympic organizers say the games would not be possible without funding from mcdonald's. we got our hands on some pretty incredible video. tv producers crashed a boeing 727 in the name of science. silver spring based discovery channel says it's part of a new documentary series called "curiosity." the jet was deliberately crashed in the mexican desert. no passengers were on the plane. instead it was packed with crash test dummies. cameras recorded the crash from inside the plane, on the ground, from other planes and from the ejecting pilot's helmet. critics say the crash was all for show and that faa officials
6:41 pm
weren't allowed on the site. one major airline is taking a rather dramatic step to cut its fuel bill. delta plans to buy an oil refinery. the plant is located near philadelphia. its currently owned by conoco phillips. delta is expected to pay about $150 million for the plant. the company estimates it will cut its jet fuel costs by $300 million a year. jet fuel is the biggest expense for most airlines. sports coming up. what are we working on? >> we have a little newfound optimism for the capitals as they return home. we're also going to be talking about the redskins who released their leading sever last year. of course, there's a little something going on here at nationals park. bryce harper making his home debut tonight. doing something else that's a little
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welcome back, everybody. temperatures today nearly 20 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. high today at the airport 83. right now 79 degrees the current temperature. winds out of the south at six miles an hour. we are really in for a nice evening tonight. get out and enjoy it. i don't expect any rain across the area this evening. 84 in rockville.
6:45 pm
huntingtown, current temperature there 82. the cool spot annapolis along the bay at 72. what are we seeing now across our portion of the nation? you can see around the mid-atlantic big time storms to the south. also to the west. i to think we'll see a chance for some strong storms tomorrow. the severe storm prediction center out of oklahoma has us in a slight risk for severe thunderstorms as the storms should make their way down from the north and west across our area tomorrow. we do have a chance for some severe weather during the day. i don't think we'll see too many of them. watch out out there. starting off tomorrow morning with a temperature of 62. highs tomorrow in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees just about everywhere. another warm day. keep the umbrella handy just in case. >> we like that. thanks, man. dan, love this story that you're getting ready to tell about what bryce harper did. that is really cool, isn't it, man? >> reporter: that was really surprising to say the least when we saw the video of that story. we're going to be talking about that story in just a minute. first i want to get to the meat
6:46 pm
and potatoes of what's going on. bryce harper, 19-year-old hitti hitting protege. finally making his home debut for the nationals. he was, of course, was called up over the weekend. played two games out in l.a. actually he played very well in those two games. his first major league game harper was 0 for 2 before he came to the plate and sent a laser to center field. his first major league hit for extra bases which was fitting for someone who's been lauded for his power. harper was a catcher when he was drafted. the nationals have turned him into an outfielder. he displayed those skills as well in his second professional game making a catch up against the wall that still has folks talking. so far through two big league games harper hitting .333. after getting booed in l.a. harper will hear his first big league cheers tonight. >> you know, i'm really excited to be here. really excited to get going with
6:47 pm
the nationals. you know, i'm excited for tonight especially. let's get going. >> play the game hard. i try to play it right every single day. i have that fire and that passion to play the game. you know, when you see my attitude, it's when a team messes with my team. i think that's the biggest thing. i'm going to always have my team's back. not worried about what other people think as long as my team knows i have respect for this game and have respect for everybody in that clubhouse. >> bryce, boyer said he expects you in all likelihood to go back down. you say you don't have anything to prove. do you use that, many people expect you to go back down, as motivation? >> i don't know. there's a lot of guys my age that have gone up and down. trap did it last year. there's a couple guys that, you know, have done it. i think, you know, i'm just going to enjoy my time as much as i can up here. have some fun. really enjoy it. >> reporter: so if this isn't one of the cooler stories you'll hear about harper today, vance, this is what you were talking about. the kid was doing a little sightseeing on the mall on monday. fans recognized him and coaxed
6:48 pm
him into taking some cuts during their softball game. he said i'm not really a softball player. >> got to love it. >> reporter: wasn't that cool? not every day you see a big leaguer getting put on youtube for taking part in a softball game during the season. fans loved it. harper said why not, man. >> i was just walking by. i just was checking out the things, like i said. they just asked if i'd come over there and take a few hacks for them and whatnot. i was trying to interact with the community, the fans a little bit. i like doing that kind of stuff. >> did you hit some bombs? >> no. i just tapped one into right field, i guess. >> reporter: harper going to be batting seventh in the lineup tonight. davey johnson says he keeps playing like he's been playing he's going to move up a little higher in the batting order. moving on. talking about cap tams. it's not a formula we thought was going to work. playing alex ovechkin less and winning games. that's what the head coach has been doing. actually played a career playoff low, did ovechkin.
6:49 pm
13 minutes in game two against the rangers. he was on the ice to score the game winning goal. ovechkin playing just 13 minutes in the game. it's going to be game three coming up tomorrow as this series all evened up at one game apiece due in part to ov. they were trying to get ahead early. they did. started 2-0 in this game. in the third, it's 2-1. rangers on the attack. on the power play, michael delzato. later in the period, caps on the power play. out to ov who fires and scores. a rocket of a wrister. his third goal of the playoffs and the game winner. caps take it 3-2. serious e series even. >> dale is -- everybody who's following our team you see he's coaching the situation. he's playing certain guys. if we're up a goal, dale tends
6:50 pm
to lean on other guys. that's the way it is. i guess they can talk about it, you know, this summer after the season. they can figure it out. for now it's working. we're going to run with it. >> of course i want to be there as i said before. you know, you just have to play for a team. you know, sometimes when you're not out there, you sit by yourself, you have to use your chance that you have. i use what dale give to me. you know, it worked. we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: didn't take virginia tech long to finds a new head basketball coach to replace seth greenberg. they're going with former assistant james johnson who left the program to take an assistant coaching job at clemson. he comes back at 40 years old. it's going to be his first head coaching job. they introduced him in blacksburg today. >> i'm so happy and excited to be back at virginia tech and be the head men's basketball coach here and leading up this great fwrup of young men we have here.
6:51 pm
i thought about my years here at virginia tech and i don't think it was any better person for the job than myself. >> reporter: james johnson, virginia tech's new head basketball coach. if you're wondering what's going on with all these number ten jerseys, robert griffin iii, wonder no more. the old number ten no longer a member of the redskins. they have released him for salary cap purposes. he was the leading receiver on the team last year. rex grossman's favorite target. 68 catches for 947 yards. his biggest problem, he didn't do much of anything after he caught the ball. the skins signed garson and josh morgan to go along with santana mass and company. wide receiver should be a strength for the redskins this season. guys, nationals official told me they're hoping to get about 25,000 here for the game. there are tickets still available. could be a history making night. bryce harper doesn't have a home run yet in the majors as he makes his home debut tonight
6:52 pm
against the arizona diamondbacks. >> great weather for a baseball game tonight. >> reporter: perfect. >> tonight's the night. thank you, dan. >> you ever coming back in the house with us? you've been -- so much has been going on lately you've been outside all the time. >> reporter: you know, it's not a bad place to be. >> no, it's not. >> reporter: playoff hockey. baseball game. i'll take this. >> in other words, you prefer to be away from us. >> reporter: i love you guys. but come on. >> thank you, dan. coming up, a story for all those people who wish they had an extra hand in the kitchen at dinner time. and for all your news, be sure to follow news 4 online. search nbc
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a heartwarming update tonight on these twin girls from california. angelica and angelina were conjoined when they were born two years ago. they were connected at the chest and abdomen. it was difficult for them to walk. especially to play with other children. last november they underwent a ten-hour separation surgery in palo alto. so far doctors and relatives say they're happy, healthy and
6:56 pm
closer to living normal lives. the little girls celebrate their third birthdays in august. their first since being separated. >> that is a great story. >> good to see that. yes, it is. >> final check, doug. >> out there right now, a nice warm afternoon. a nice warm evening, too. dan down at the ballpark really taking it all in down there. if you're thinking about heading town to nats park tonight, fwor jous. tomorrow, however, i think we'll see a good chance of showers. maybe a few strong thunderstorms. maybe a couple severe storms. high of 79 tomorrow. 78 on thursday. 87 on friday. right now the weekend looking pretty good. can't rule out a shower on saturday. high temperature there around 82 degrees and maybe some more showers as we make our way in towards next week. no washouts anyway. >> thanks, doug. there's a restaurant owner in china who found a way to separate himself from his competition in a big way. he invested in a robot that serves a number of purposes. first the robot helps out by cutting the noodles every day it
6:57 pm
also draws crowds, of course. the owner stationed it outside on the sidewalk. the robot saves labor costs as well. the owner says he spent $1,600 on the robot but with the money he saves on kitchen help, he will recover his investment in about three months. finally, the owner says slicing noodles for a long time is hard and tedious work. but the robot never gets tired, never complains, and may we add, robots probably don't steal from the cash register. and they don't eat very much either. that's all good. >> they aren't as fun. they don't have as much personality. >> probably not. "nightly news" coming up ne
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